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 Kingdom Hearts in Alice of Human Sacrifice

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MessageSujet: Kingdom Hearts in Alice of Human Sacrifice   Sam 13 Fév - 2:19

J'ai enfin pu faire mon amv d'Alice of Human Sacrifice avec des persos de KH et je peux donc enfin publier le texte allant avec. Sur ce bonne lecture et bon visionage ^^

Kingdom Hearts in
Alice of Human Sacrifice

Xion was the prologue and told us the story.
A story about a little dream.
No one knew who created that dream
But the tiny dream began to think
He didn't want disappear and asked himself,
To know how people can be interested in him.
The little dream think and think and finally got an idea:
He can let people came and created his world.

The first Alice was Kairi,
Keyblade in hand she create a bloody Wonderland.
Killed all people who crossed her way
Red petals of rose was always following the girl
First Alice, in the wood, was finally arrested
Forever trapped in a bramble's prison
And nobody has ever found her.

The second Alice was named Riku
He was singing when he arrived in Wonderland.
His crazy musicals notes created a mad world.
This nice guy, this rosebud
Was killed with a gun by a mad man.
A little flower grown, as red as his wound
Loved by all, she was finally forgotten
A marvellous rosebush stay at the place where he died.

The third Alice was called Aqua
She arrived like an angel in the Wonderland
Because she was cute, she captivated people
And create a very strange Wonderland
This Alice became the queen of that land
But haunted with a mad dream
She had to reign for eternity
Or at least before her death

Later, two teenagers followed the way of red petals
And drank the tea under the rosebush
A letter arrived for them from the queen's castle
An invitation, with inside, the ace of hearts
The fourth Alice were Roxas and Namine
Their curiosity led them in the Wonderland
They passed through many doors
And finally arrived at the castle
The shy little girl and
The gentle boy
They really look like the true Alice but...

... They never woke up from their dream
And forever wandered in this Wonderland


Who's the next Alice?


"Alors ne fuis pas la lumiè ne crains pas les ténèbres. Toutes deux te rendront plus fort."
"Sois lucide. Prends conscience de ta part de Ténèbres. Mais ne lui succombe pas."
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Kingdom Hearts in Alice of Human Sacrifice
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